Two-Step Feedback

At our most recent book talk, we discussed the effectiveness of providing students with feedback to boost learning. It reminded me of the tremendous impact that feedback has in the teaching-learning cycle, and by providing effective feedback to students we can accelerate learning. John Hattie’s Know Thy Impact article is a great one to highlightContinue reading “Two-Step Feedback”

A Culture of Learning

Commitment to Lifelong Learning Continued learning has always been important in our profession, and in every profession, but progressively more in education recently. The rapid growth of the information technology industry as well as the change from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy has caused rapid change and transformation from what we understood asContinue reading “A Culture of Learning”

New Podcast: Passionate Goal Writing

This latest episode offers 5 tips for putting passion into your goal writing. Inspired by chapter 8 of Dan and Chip Heath’s book The Power of Moments, I offer some suggestions to educators how these ideas can be applied to goals that improve student achievement. Tip #1 Make sure it is something you are passionateContinue reading “New Podcast: Passionate Goal Writing”