New Podcast: Cloud School

Click to Listen to Episode 14: Cloud School In this episode, I attempt to give you peek at what remote home learning is like for students across the globe right now as schools close in-person learning. I interview my nieces, a 2nd grader, 6th grader, and sophomore about what they are experiencing. I share soundsContinue reading “New Podcast: Cloud School”

Two-Step Feedback

At our most recent book talk, we discussed the effectiveness of providing students with feedback to boost learning. It reminded me of the tremendous impact that feedback has in the teaching-learning cycle, and by providing effective feedback to students we can accelerate learning. John Hattie’s Know Thy Impact article is a great one to highlightContinue reading “Two-Step Feedback”

A Conversation With The Coaching Team

Refresh connection with LinkedIn Why Coaching? One of our major improvement strategies at EPSD is to personalize professional learning for teachers. One of the major actions for this strategy has been the formation of a team of instructional coaches at EPSD. Instructional coaching is a shift in professional learning from a perspective of external trainingContinue reading “A Conversation With The Coaching Team”

It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Super-Teacher!

Feeling like a Superhero? If not, you should after reading this compilation of everything we have accomplished in our district from August to January! Hats off to all our hard working educators! It seems super-human to have accomplished so many marvelous feats in such a small amount of time. You are all superhero’s in myContinue reading “It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Super-Teacher!”

12 Days of Podcasts

I started EPSD PD Podcasts with the intention to create a culture of lifelong learning in our school district. My wish is to bring conversations about teaching and learning to our school community that can be enjoyed whenever and wherever you want. My hope is to inspire teachers and spark conversations about teaching and learning.Continue reading “12 Days of Podcasts”

The Science Behind Being Grateful

We just wrapped up the Thanksgiving holiday and just around the corner in a few more weeks will have our winter holiday break.  This provides a great time in our lives to refocus and reflect on what we are grateful for.  In this episode of EPSD PD Podcast you will hear the voices of studentsContinue reading “The Science Behind Being Grateful”

Celebrating Diversity at Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout most of Mexico, mostly in central and southern Mexico.   It is a day to celebrate the life and death of our loved ones. Many of the Mexican families in our community celebrate Dia de los Muertos, and the significanceContinue reading “Celebrating Diversity at Dia de los Muertos”

Teacher Self-Care

The teaching profession is recognized repetitively as one of the most stressful and most demanding professions that exist. And why shouldn’t it be when teaching is the profession that creates all other professions. In my opinion, being a teacher is the most important and most valuable profession in the World. We grow brains, and careContinue reading “Teacher Self-Care”

New Podcast: Interview with Instructional Technology Coach Anne Dewey

Meet Instructional Technology Coach Anne Dewey Anne has worn many hats throughout our district over the years. She first came into our district as a 6th grade language arts teacher, but that is not where she started. She started teaching 9th grade English, journalism, and yearbook in Kansas and Missouri. She became an early adopterContinue reading “New Podcast: Interview with Instructional Technology Coach Anne Dewey”