A Tribute To Our Seniors

Click to Listen to Episode 15 of EPSD PD Podcast

Listen as 4 Seniors, Sage, Nathan, Noel, and Jen share how the current pandemic has impacted their senior year and how they are staying positive. These 4 seniors represent their classmates and showcase the resiliency of this graduating class of 2020 at EPHS. Entering middle school is scary already, but to add to it these students experienced the flood of 2013 and a school school shut down just weeks into their 6th grade year. These students united together with their community, persevered, and continued to thrive. And they are doing the same now during this pandemic and have an optimistic view on this abrupt end to their senior year. I hope you enjoy listening to all the great insights they have to share.

In addition, I dug through my own archives and was able to find a few old pictures of some of the moments these students share in the podcast including this picture of most of the senior class when they were in 8th grade. Enjoy!

Career Day 2016

Sage shares that her fondest memory is working together to restore Fish Creek after the flood. Sage so eloquently and beautifully encompassed so many of the Global Outcomes in her fondest memory.  Collaborating, communicating, and working together with stakeholders in the community to solve a problem and come up with solutions to make our environment a better place. She also highlights the perseverance and resiliency of this class.  She identified so many of the Global Outcomes that are important to us when it comes to what we desire for our prepared graduates.

Noel and Jen highlight how the extra curricular activities that we offer at EPSD played a huge role in their positive school experience. They share about the extended community and family that students gain from participating in all of these programs at EPSD.  This is important for the social emotional and physical wellness of our students which is an important Global Outcome for our students. 

Nathan shares how EPSD has taught him kindness and compassion and he shares his fondest memory of the entire school coming together as a family pledging to share their compassion for others. Global awareness and compassion are two Global Outcome we want every graduate to walk away with, and Nathan’s fondest memory is a great testimony to that.

I learned a lot from these students in our conversation. I cried. I laughed. And after our Zoom meeting I sat in silence reflecting on their thoughts and my own memories of this class. These 4 senior leaders represented this class well.

These are the words that came to me that describe this group of students:
Kindness. Compassion. Friendship. Perseverance. Resiliency. Collaboration. Hope. Love.

These seniors will have a graduation that they will remember for a lifetime that will be unique and different from any other graduating class before them. They inspired me and filled me with hope and optimism.

This class of 2020 is prepared to take on the World. They are equipped with the Global Outcomes needed to succeed in anything they choose. We will miss this incredible group of students and they have given us the gift of memories that we will cherish forever. Smiles will cross our faces when we think of them. Best wishes to the class of 2020!

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Assistant superintendent of Estes Park School District.

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