It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Super-Teacher!

Feeling like a Superhero?

If not, you should after reading this compilation of everything we have accomplished in our district from August to January! Hats off to all our hard working educators! It seems super-human to have accomplished so many marvelous feats in such a small amount of time. You are all superhero’s in my book!

Here is what we have accomplished toward our collective focus in 5 short months!

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Culture and Language Diversity Team (CLD Team) tripled in size this year and is working on 4 action plans to improve the educational experience for our Hispanic/Latino families

Surveyed and gathered feedback from our Hispanic/Latino families on how we can improve communication

Hosted our first ever information night all in Spanish – Noche Latina

Professional learning focused on English Language Development (ELD) in staff meetings

Professional learning focused on Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) in staff meetings

Continued to have more teachers in CRT book study (59% of our staff so far)

Formation of an English Language Development (ELD) PLC

Increased staffing for ELD program at the ES to 1.5

ELD teacher attended TESOL conference

40 staff members studying Grading for Equity to identify our inequitable grading practices that diverse students may face.

Planning phases of a partnership with CSU and former EPHS graduate to build a student-led community outreach program for immigrant families

Took a team of 6 from the CLD team to Equity & Excellence Conference in Denver

HS teacher selected for a fellowship through Colorado Education Association (CEA) and is doing his project on Culturally Responsive Teaching – sharing his learning with staff

Restorative Practices and Social Emotional Learning

Trauma-informed response training for certified and classified staff

De-escalation and non-violent response training for certified and classified staff

Collaborative Classroom literacy implementation ties SEL standards within the curriculum

Rudy is a new member of our staff

Monthly SEL lessons at the ES tied to Global Outcomes

Connections class added at the MS teaching the CASEL SEL standards

Restorative attendance meeting for families of chronically absent students and formation of attendance plans

SEL PLC drafted k-12 continuum for Social Emotional Learning standards for students

Continued professional learning with on 3rd year of Restorative Practices implementation

Global Outcomes and High Expectations

Collaborative Classroom literacy curriculum implementation at ES: teachers aligning the rigor and expectations for student literacy

Bridges math curriculum at the ES: data protocols in PLC meetings to align rigor and expectations for student math performance

October professional development work led by our coaching team to identify success criteria for each Global Outcomes

Continued to have more teachers in project-based teaching and learning book studies (54% of our staff so far)

Team of 5 attended WSHS site visit to see Expeditionary Learning (EL) in action

School Board planning community conversations around Global Outcome success criteria for students

Continuing to have a GO Sandbox goal and share artifacts with each other.Teacher Spotlights highlighting GO exemplars

Professional Learning

Coaching team formed. Coaching team provides in the moment, personalized professional learning for teachers

Self-paced book study choice options for teachers to continue professional learning geared toward our collective commitments

Six staff members participating in St. Vrain professional learning offerings through our partnership

Staff meetings intentionally focused on professional learning

Formation of a principal PLC

Teachers seek out PD outside the district: Elementary teachers attend the state literacy conference, HS teachers attend site visit to WSHS, an expeditionary learning school, District team to Excellence and Equity Conference


Summer Leadership Academy for the professional learning of our district leadership team and professional learning together each semester

ES teacher selected to present to the Colorado State Board of Education

MS and HS district leaders continue professional learning toward our vision of personalized learning for students through TeachUNITED

TeachUNITED global partners from Tanzania and Costa Rica spend the day with our teachers and students and visit classrooms to see personalized learning in action

Each building has a strategic planning team working with D&G Associates to develop action plans

We have so much to celebrate!

And that isn’t even taking into consideration all the other marvelous accomplishments happening in your individual classrooms! If you have been feeling tired, this could be why.

There are probably more accomplishments that I didn’t even think of. Contact me and let me know about it.

And just for fun…one of my favorite pep talks from Kid President. Unleash your Hero!

Published by Ruby Bode

Assistant superintendent of Estes Park School District.

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