12 Days of Podcasts

I started EPSD PD Podcasts with the intention to create a culture of lifelong learning in our school district. My wish is to bring conversations about teaching and learning to our school community that can be enjoyed whenever and wherever you want. My hope is to inspire teachers and spark conversations about teaching and learning. Not only is it intended to create a culture of learning in our school district, but also to celebrate the wonderful learning that is happening everywhere in our schools. Since starting this project last fall, I have published 12 podcasts. If you have some time over the holidays, you can listen to the podcast series while you decorate the house, bake goodies, travel, or workout. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do. It’s the holiday season and my gift to you is 12 days of podcasts.

Episode 1: Learning and the Brain

Listen to elementary, middle, and high school students describe what it feels like when they have learned something. Hear interview with Ivy Anderson, sleep neurologist, about how sleep, exercise, and healthy eating have huge impacts on the brain’s capacity to learn and process information.

Episode 2: The Science of Gratitude

Learn about what research says about routinely expressing gratitude. Students in 2nd Grade, 6th grade, and 12th grade express what they are grateful for at school. Teachers express gratitude toward students.

Episode 3: Inside the Brain of English Learners

Students acquiring English as a second language share the struggles they have had in school where from kindergarten through 12th grade. Learn from your own students how you can help them be more successful at school.

Episode 4: Global Outcomes in BAM Company

The high school business and marketing class, aka BAM Company, shares the new way of learning that their teachers, Bob Regan, has orchestrated for them and how valuable it is to them as learners and as future adults. Students share why this class teaches them the Global Outcomes that will prepare them for success in today’s knowledge economy.

Episode 5: Intercultural Summit 2019

Teachers at Estes Park High School partner with teachers at Eagle Rock High School to provide students with the opportunity to tackle difficult issues that teenagers are struggling with today regarding race and gender identity. These student build relationships together and find solutions to problems at their schools.

Episode 6: What’s Happening in the Classroom?

A reflection of the great teaching and learning that is happening in all the schools across Estes Park School District.

Episode 7: 2019 Mountain Festival

Listen to the sounds of the Mountain Festival, a celebration of learning in the Estes Park community. Teachers implement Global Outcomes through project-based learning and students share the projects they have brought to share at the Mountain Festival.

Episode 8: Passionate Goal Writing

At the beginning of the school year teachers get together to look at data, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, set goals for the school year. Discuss tips for making goal writing more passionate work that inspires us and propels us into action.

Episode 9: Zero Waste Interns

Listen to an interview with Alex, Sarah, and teacher Alex Harris as they tell the story about how the zero waste project was born and hope for the future of the project. Sarah and Alex share the Global Outcomes they have learned through their experience as Zero Waste Interns.

Episode 10: Instructional Technology with Anne Dewey

Anne Dewey shares her insight on how technology can be used to put students at the center of instruction, and make students owners of their own learning and creators in the classroom. She makes great app recommendations for teachers in this episode.

Episode 11: Celebrating Diversity Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos has become a tradition in our community and in this episode you get to listen to the music and laughter as the community comes together to celebrate diversity in our schools and in our community.

Episode 12: The Science of Gratitude Part 2

This is a follow up of episode 2 about the science of gratitude and how it has a positive impact on health and wellness as well as learning. Listen to students from every grade level in the district express their gratitude for school and their teachers.

Published by Ruby Bode

Assistant superintendent of Estes Park School District.

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