New Podcast: Interview with Instructional Technology Coach Anne Dewey

Meet Instructional Technology Coach Anne Dewey

Anne has worn many hats throughout our district over the years. She first came into our district as a 6th grade language arts teacher, but that is not where she started. She started teaching 9th grade English, journalism, and yearbook in Kansas and Missouri. She became an early adopter of technology and digital resources through her experience teaching journalism and yearbook. In this podcast she talks about how her teaching has transformed as technology has changed, and how she went from teacher, to librarian, to media and iPad support, to instructional technology coach.

Apple Education’s Marriage with Global Outcomes

Creations, teamwork & communication, personalization of learning, critical thinking and real world engagement are the foundations that Apple Education believes in. Independently we as a community in Estes Park believe the Global Outcomes competencies of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, global awareness & compassion, perseverance, and social, emotional & physical wellness are what will prepare our students for a successful future. Anne talks about how these are a perfect marriage.

Hot Digital Apps & Resources


Keynote gives you the most bang for you buck in the eyes of Anne Dewey. It is an incredibly versatile app that allows for drawings, animations, sounds, music, video, presentations, layered voiceover or music. It is scalable and each slide can be an independent creation or all slides together can be a product, and you can export it to other apps such as iMovie.


You can’t do much better than Google according to Anne Dewey. Teachers are using Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Sites, Google Drawing, and Google Forms to have students collaborate on creating products with each other and share their knowledge. One we haven’t explored much is Google Jamboard which acts as a virtual whiteboard that everyone can draw on or add to at the same time.

Personalizing Learning

You can customize iPads with accessibility features to meet the needs of various learnings such as font size, screen readers, color adaptations, translations, etc. The other great ways that teachers can personalize learning for students are through Schoology to provide individualized assignments and resources for students of various unique needs. Teachers are able to personalize the learning for students without making the student feel different from peers. Google Translate is a great tool in Google Docs to translate documents into other languages for non-English speaking students. Watch this Video to see how.

Real-World Engagement

Websites such as and ePals provide students and teachers the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with teachers and students all over the World. This can really increase Global Awareness and Compassion competencies for students.

SeeSaw and Schoology allows students to publish work in a moderated social media type environment.

Podcasting is a great way for students to create products for an authentic audience of listeners. Garage Band is an app on all student iPads and Soundcloud is one of many sites that allows for publishing free open source podcasting.

Critical Thinking

Using applications to provide students the opportunity to be curators of the information they are consuming is a great way to demonstrate critical thinking. Students can showcase what they are learning on a particular topic by using Wakelet. Teachers can also use Wakelet to curate resources for students.

We Our Us

One thing that holds teachers back from using digital tools for learning is fear. Instruction is evolving with the evolving resources in the digital world allowing information to be consumed and shared increasingly rapid rates. We are in this together. Anne is here to walk with you side-by-side as you explore and take risks in your classroom. You do not have to do it alone.

Published by Ruby Bode

Assistant superintendent of Estes Park School District.

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