New Podcast: Zero Waste Interns

Episode 10: Zero Waste Interns. Listen to an interview with Mr. Harris and his students and the vision they have for making EPHS a zero waste school.

The Vision

Mr. Harris, EPHS science teacher, had a vision to provide an experience for students beyond the classroom walls that would allow students to apply Global Outcome competencies, get real work experience, and apply their knowledge of environmental science. Visionary teachers like Mr. Harris in our school district are changing the way that we think about education and preparing students for job opportunities in our knowledge economy. His creative approach to project-based learning has inspired students to take something they are passionate about and create a program for the school.

Zero Waste Interns

Sarah and Alex, Zero Waste Interns at EPHS, talk about the goals they have for moving their school toward zero waste. They have worked with their peers in the Environmental Club to build “The Clean Machine” to separate compostables, food waste, and landfill items. They have spend their first 20 days educating teachers and students in their school about composting and the actions they can take to reduce waste. They have big goals to expand the program to the elementary and middle school, as well as apply our school to be an Eco-School designation.

Zero Waste Interns, Alex and Sarah next to the Clean Machine in the school cafeteria.

Global Outcomes

Communication and perseverance are the two global outcomes that they feel they have most acquired in the first 20 days on the job. As you listen to the podcast you will hear them identify other global outcomes such as critical thinking & problem solving, social emotional wellness, collaboration, as well as global awareness and compassion.

What do Alex and Sarah want everyone to know?

  1. You create more waste than you think you do.
  2. Your choices make a bigger impact than you think you do
  3. By changing small habits, you can have a positive Global impact
  4. Your habits can cause a chain reaction
  5. Together we can make a huge difference!

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Assistant superintendent of Estes Park School District.

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